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Portable Power Station is the ideal portable power solution for many activities at home, outdoors and in emergency situations such as power outages. It makes your home, camping and other activities more comfortable and safe.

Portable power station, combined with solar charging, storage, discharge control management as the design basis, built-in high-capacity, high-performance lithium iron phosphate batteries, using the current advanced automotive lithium battery manufacturing process, with multiple security protections, output strong energy, AC voltage output provide DC different voltage output two modes, convenient for different power supply, built-in Bluetooth speaker, flashlight, two-stage lamp lighting, SOS flash mode, suitable for household power, emergency power supply, support dangerous rescue, support the lack of power areas, provide camping or travel power mode

Power Station is always committed to good quality and affordable price for you. Compared with other manufacturers, this LiFePO4 power station has good performance and a lower price.

  • High performance and larger capacity: The portable power station has a large capacity of 1536Wh and works with 1600W pure sine wave to power your home appliances. It is very ideal for camping, travel and home power supply.
  • Safety and Reliability: Made with LiFePO4 cells, ultra-durable electronic components, high-quality soldered circuit boards and a solid outer construction. The BMS massively increases the safety of the product.
  • Charge up to 12 devices at the same time: Power 85% of household devices with 12 outputs (4 x AC output, 4 x USB-A, 2 x USB-C PD 100w, 1 x DC5521 port and 1 x car output ). The USB-C PD ports can provide maximum 100W fast charging for your electric devices.
  • Fast Charging: The power station can work at maximum 700W from the AC input, it only takes 2 hours before the product is fully charged from the wall outlet. The product can be fully charged in 6 hours by connecting with intelligent MPPT controller and solar panel

High capacity

Long battery life, meets the needs of indoor and outdoor scenes

Pure sine wave

The same current as the mains will not harm the electrical equipment

Strong compatibility

Multiple outlets can power different electronic devices

HD screen

The power status is clear at a glance


UL-certified power cell and multiple quality testing to ensure power supply security

item/modelPower 1600Wcapacity1536Wh
Maximum power consumption3000WAC output ×4220V/1500W
USB-C output ×2PD 100W maxUSB-A-output ×418W max
DC5521 output ×2120W
working temperature0~45℃
Size370 x 311.5 x 235mmWeight16kg

Smart Portable Power Stations

Portable Power Station is the ideal portable power solution for many activities at home, outdoors and in emergency situations. It makes your camping and other activities more comfortable. Meanwhile, in emergency situations, it can be your critical backup power supply. Be ready to help your neighbors in times of need.

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